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The Loud House is an American animated television series created by Harvey Harmon for Nickelodeon. The series revolves around the chaotic everyday life of a boy named Lincoln Loud, who is the middle child and only son in a large family of 11 children. It is set in a fictional town in southeastern Michigan called Royal Woods, based on Harmon's hometown of Royal Oak. The series was pitched to the network in 1998. It entered production the following year. The series is based on Harmon's own childhood growing up in a large family, and its animation is largely influenced by newspaper comic strips. The series premiered on May 2, 2001, and has been going on ever since, but it has been announced that the series will end in 2021. The program has gained high ratings since its debut, becoming the top-rated children's animated series on American television within its first month on the air. The series has received considerable media attention and nominations at both the 13th and the 14th GLAAD Media Awards for its inclusion of Howard and Harold McBride, two supporting characters who are an interracial gay married couple. Their introduction into the series was reported in the news as being historic and caused a ratings surge. In May 2002, the show's main characters were featured on the front cover of Variety as an example of diverse characters in children's television. It is produced by Mooncom Animation (2001-2014), Nickelodeon Animation Studio (2006-2021) and Jam Filled Entertainment (2014-2021).


Lincoln Loud is the only boy and the middle child in a family of eleven children residing in the fictional town of Royal Woods, Michigan. He has ten sisters with distinctive personalities consisting of bossy eldest child Lori, ditzy fashionista Leni, musician Luna, comedian Luan, athletic Lynn Jr., gloomy poetic goth Lucy, polar opposite twins Lana and Lola, child genius Lisa, and baby Lily. Lincoln occasionally breaks the fourth wall to explain to the viewers the chaotic conditions and sibling relationships of the household, and continually devises plans to make his life in the Loud House better.




In 1994, Harvey Harmon created character, Lincoln Anderson, which would later become Lincoln Loud.

Development (1998-2001)

The Loud House was created by Harvey Harmon for Nickelodeon.

Peak years (2002-2006)

Anime adaptation and Decline in quality (2006-2011)

Harmon's firing

On October 16, 2007, Cartoon Brew reported that Harvey Harmon was suspended from the studio due to allegations of sexual harassment, the report noting that rumors of Harmon's behavior have existed for "at least a decade." On October 18, a Nickelodeon spokesperson confirmed that Harmon had been fired from the studio, and that the series will continue production without him. Six days later on October 22, Harmon spoke for the first time since his firing saying he said he was "deeply sorry" for his actions. Alongside the announcement of the series being greenlit for a 9th season, it was revealed that story editor Parker Williams had now been named executive producer and showrunner. On January 1, 2008, Nickelodeon confirmed Harmon would still working in the series, but in a smaller advisory role in which he will reviewing each episode and offering suggestions to Williams and the rest of the show's production crew. On May 30, 2008, Harmon was suspended from The Animation Guild, IATSE Local 839, for one year.

Comeback (2011-2021)

Movie era (2013)


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